Afiya Talks is brought to you by The Afiya Center, a Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Organization dedicated to transforming our lives. The program is designed to create safe spaces for Black women (of color) and non-binary folks to gather and learn. 

We can create the world we need to live with dignity, because that world does not exist just yet. Meditating on what that world looks like: how I would spend my time if Capitalism were not a global practice, how I would connect with other women/non-binary folks if access to safe spaces were the rule and not extraordinary, What would my community look like in that world, these thoughts guide my work and my personal praxis.

Those dreams forced me to carve out a space where that simulation was more concrete and less ephemeral, called
The Womanist Read In. But WRI wasn’t enough. I knew I needed multiple ways to access that feeling.

The Afiya Talks programming series aims to fill that void, selfish as it seems. I wanted to spend time with other Millennial Black and Brown women/nonbinary folks, learning, laughing, becoming radicalized, being honest about how scary it is to enter adulthood in our current socio-political climate, all without having to posture or pretend like everything is okay. I needed a safe place, too.

What is safety anyway?

Safety looks like a room full of beautiful brown faces, seeing each other in a new way, connecting the dots and leaving braver and more pissed off than they were when they arrived.

Safety is Solidarity. Safety is Community. It’s Gang or Nothing.